How To Grow Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program In 2024

Amazon Affiliate Program


The Amazon Affiliate Program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a way to earn money by referring customers to Amazon. When people click on your affiliate links and buy products from Amazon, you earn referral commissions. Here’s how you can grow and make money with this program in 2024.

What is the Amazon Associates program?

The Amazon Partners program is the biggest associate-promoting program on the web. It permits makers, distributors, and bloggers to adapt web traffic by advancing Amazon items in their substance.

When you pursue this free program, you’ll get connections to elevate your crowd. At the point when somebody taps on your connection and purchases an item, you’ll get a commission. Amazon commissions range somewhere in the range of 1% and 20% depending upon the item classification.

Amazon’s subsidiary program is ideally suited for business visionaries and promoting newbies. “With regards to notoriety and unwavering quality, Amazon is among the top. It’s the biggest web-based shopping webpage where you can get, and sell, everything. That is the reason it’s ideal for new partner advertisers,” says Elise Dopson, the organizer behind Sprocker Darlings.

“Sprocker Darlings is a specialty site about the sprocket spaniel breed,” she adds. “We elevate pet supplies to assist perusers with really focusing on their pets. Amazon sells more than 380,000 pet items we can advance and acquire partner commissions from.”


Elise additionally values that the provider verifying is finished by Amazon. She realizes she can believe the items she suggests will be excellent and get to perusers’ doorsteps as soon as possible.

For instance, say you start a blog about the imposing canine variety. You choose to blog and compose an article about aroma games to play with your little guy. Like Sprocker Sweethearts, you could advance Amazon items in your article.

Notice how Elise incorporates an Amazon Connect in her Facebook video implant, guiding perusers to the commercial center to buy plastic cones.

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Amazon affiliate website Sprocker Lovers

It’s not difficult to see why both new and veteran advertisers become Amazon members. In minutes, you can pursue the program and gain access to a huge number of items to advance and procure commission from.

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How much do Amazon affiliates make?

Your member income can fluctuate in light of a couple of variables: the size and commitment of your crowd, your specialty, and how much work you put into your computerized promoting. Amazon partners can make as little as a hundred bucks every month or as much as six figures each year.

As indicated by ZipRecruiter, the public typical compensation for an Amazon partner is $55,434 each year. The top 1% of workers make somewhere in the range of $111,500 and $121,000, while the most reduced 10% acquire somewhere in the range of $16,500 and $26,000.

Your profits are likewise characterized by commission rates. For Amazon offshoots, those rates contrast between item classes:

Amazon affiliate commissions

Amazon likewise has fixed rates going somewhere in the range of $0.50 and $25 for “exceptional commission pay” connecting with administration (as opposed to item) offers.

“You can bring in great cash with Amazon Partners. I began my men’s way of life blog toward the end of April 2021. In November, we made $963.69 from Amazon Partners, and the number continues to grow. Amazon has opened doors for each specialty to bring in cash on the web.”

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Hugo Guerreiro, Organizer behind The Men Legend

Amazon affiliate program requirements

To bring in cash from the Amazon Partners program, you should apply to join. To be qualified for the program, there are a few prerequisites you should meet:

  1. Enrollment and eligibility. The most necessities include: your site (or versatile application) should contain unique substance and be openly accessible. Your site likewise can’t contain physically express, savage, or generally foul material (counting its advancement), advance or embrace criminal behavior, be focused on kids under 13 or gather their information, use Amazon reserve, or disregard some other protected innovation freedoms.
  2. Links on your site. Utilizing unique connections permits Amazon to track, report, and work out payment. In this way, you’ll likewise have to have a hearty treatment strategy.
  3. Responsibility for your site. You are answerable for the turn of events, activity, and support of your site.
  4. Promotional limitations. Under the arrangement, you will not participate in limited time (on the web and disconnected) or other publicizing exercises regarding Amazon that aren’t allowed, e.g., involving extraordinary connections in printed material, digital books, email, and confidential messages.
  5. Distribution of special links through software or devices. You can’t involve exceptional connections in any client-side programming (e.g., a module, toolbar, or gadget) on any gadget, including TV top boxes or brilliant televisions.
  6. Content on your site. There are 25 sub-statements here, however, essentially you can’t attempt to purchase Amazon’s brand name or bid on its watchwords, conceal your associate connections or make it muddled you’re connecting to Amazon, offer “rewards” in return for buying, utilize counterfeit item surveys, or produce counterfeit traffic.

These are the six “super six cooperation necessities framed in Amazon’s exhaustive program strategies. While there are a lot of legitimate provisos, the majority of them are the presence of mind, so fair member site proprietors won’t have to stress (however, it’s still a great practice to understand them).

Becoming an Amazon affiliate: pros and cons

While there are a ton of smart motivations to turn into an Amazon partner, it’s not ideal for everybody. We should take a gander at the upsides and downsides to conclude whether Amazon offshoot showcasing is ideal for you.


  1. Amazon joins are dependable and notable.
  2. You’ll approach a worldwide commercial center.
  3. You can decide to be paid by direct deposit, check, or Amazon gift vouchers.
  4. There are a huge number of Amazon items for you to look over.
  5. You can construct an internet business Amazon associate store on, which gives you access to the Affiliate store and different advantages.


  1. The window for buying is short — just 24 hours. This could influence your transformation rates.
  2. You can’t advance items by email.
  3. Commission rates are low (contrasted with direct brand programs).
  4. On the off chance that you’re a powerhouse via virtual entertainment and don’t have a site yet, you’d be in an ideal situation going with Amazon’s force-to-be-reckoned-with program.

As far as some might be concerned, admittance to a gigantic overall market with basically limitless items is sufficient to join. However, for other people, not having the option to advance offshoot joins in messages can be an issue (particularly for those with an enormous email list as of now).

If bringing in cash as an Amazon partner sounds great to you, read the step-by-step instructional exercise below on the most proficient method to become one.

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How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Joining to turn into an Amazon subsidiary is simple. However, there is a significant part that precedes joining: having a site, application, or YouTube channel.

Before you head to Amazon, ensure you have one of these exceptional choices and, as of now, have some satisfied customers.

From there, you can apply for an Amazon Associates account.

1. Go to the Amazon Associates center and click the Sign-up button 

Amazon affiliate website

2. From that point on, you’ll be asked to either sign in with your current Amazon account or make another one. If you just have an individual record, ideally, let’s make another one to isolate your business. In any case, on the off chance that you have a telephone number connected to your record (and no business telephone number), you will not have the option to make another record.

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3. Fill in your information  Here you’ll have to fill in your partner account data for Amazon to have the option to accurately pay your profit.

fill in information for amazon application

4. Add your website, mobile app, or YouTube channel  You can amount to 50 sites or portable applications. If you have more than one advanced home, go ahead and add them. 

Whenever you’ve added a site and raised a ruckus around town button that shows up, you’ll likewise be inquired as to whether your site or application is focused on kids under 13 (these locales aren’t qualified for the program).

add website

5. Set up your profile This segment requests that you finish up the data about your site (as well as your store ID, which will typically be your business name). Amazon needs to understand what’s going on with your site and what kind of items you’ll assemble joins for. 

filling out Amazon profile

    6. Explain how you drive traffic to your site or app The following segment requests that you make sense of how you direct people to your site (you can pick more than one choice). You’ll likewise have to share how your site or application at present creates payments, how you fabricate joins, your unique guests, and why you need to join the program. 

    Amazon traffic monetization explanation

      7. After that, you’ll need to complete the security CAPTCHA and agree to the operating agreement

      8. Add your tax and payment information whenever you’ve finished the application, you’ll be prompted to add your installment and duty data; however, you can decide to do it some other time, From that point on, you’ll have the option to begin utilizing Partners Vital to make member joins.

      adding tax information

        9. Use the Amazon Associate Connector app  If your website runs on Affiliate System, you’ll be able to use the Amazon Associate Connector app. Using the app allows you to import Amazon products into your Affiliate System store with ease.

        This way you can create a high-quality Amazon affiliate website, earning from existing products rather than selling your own. First, log into your Affiliate System store from the app page and then link your Amazon Associates account.

        Amazon Shopify app sign up

        From there, you can import specific products using the product URL (searching Amazon products in the app requires Amazon Webservice credentials). After adding a product, you’ll see it in your products window like so.

        Clicking the View on Affiliate System link takes you to the product page editor in Shopify, where you can customize the details, like so:

        Note: the product details will automatically fill with whatever is included in the original Amazon product linking.

        Once you’ve added the product through the connector app, it will be displayed in your Affiliate System store, where people can purchase it, and you’ll earn a commission.

        Marketing Tips to Boost Income 

        So you’ve applied to be an Amazon associate, and you’ve connected the Amazon Shopify app to your Affiliate System store—what next? It isn’t enough to have your store exist. To make the Amazon affiliate program work, you’ll need to strategize. 

        So here are a few hints and techniques on helping your member pay and building a flood of automated revenue.

        1. Find a niche
        2. Create Original content on different platforms
        3. Invest in SEO
        4. Start a blog
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        Find a niche

        Similarly, as with any brand technique, for clients to purchase from you, they need to know you’re what they need. You do that by setting up a good foundation for yourself in a specialty. A specialty is a fragment of a larger market characterized by its requirements and information. It turns into your specialty as an offshoot advertiser.

        If you highlight an irregular collection of items on your site, individuals won’t understand what sort of site it is (and are less inclined to find it in a Google search).

        Center around a specific item classification you are truly keen on. That way, it’ll be simpler to advertise, as well as assist you with remaining focused on building the business. For instance, Beardbrand is a store centered around male grooming items, with a specific spotlight on stubble.

        Beardbrand website

        While Beardbrand sells its items, you could assemble an associate site based on male prepping and connection to items being sold on Amazon.

        So, how can you find your niche? Consider the following criteria:

        1. It’s a topic you’re interested in learning about. Great partner advertisers become specialists in their industry over the long haul. One method for turning into a specialist is keeping steady over patterns, participating in occasions, and continually learning.
        2. You can solve the niche’s problems.  Individuals will follow you since they partake in your understanding and you assist them with tackling issues. Sprocker Sweethearts, for instance, centers just around Sprocker Spaniel’s care and instruction. The brand takes advantage of individuals’ longing to raise sound, blissful Spaniels.
        3. The niche is profitable.  You would rather not invest in your substance, just to figure out the specialty isn’t beneficial. Run a Google Patterns search to determine how well-known your specialty is. See statistical surveying reports and check how frequently individuals look for your specialty points. This can indicate whether individuals are prepared to purchase.

        “Plunge into your specialty and truly know the intricate details of it to have the option to take care of the issue somebody could have with a specific item. Offshoot showcasing is tied in with adding your knowledge and point of view and turning you into an expert for a specific specialty or issue.”

          “Arun Grewal, founder of Coffee Brewing Pro

        Create original content on different platforms

        As a web-based businessperson, you know the value of unique content. It assists you with sticking out, forming validity, and encouraging trust with supporters — everything you want for fruitful subsidiary advertising.

        Be that as it may, making unique substances isn’t enough any longer. You likewise need to appropriate substance across different stages, taking into account that multichannel clients burn through two to multiple times more than single-channel clients.

        How about we see Bundle Free, for instance? Bundle Free is the customer-facing facade for the blog and the YouTube channel Rubbish is for Throwers, a zero-to-low-squander way of life brand.

        Trash is for Tossers

        The blog and YouTube channel are loaded with content intended to assist people in carrying on with a more manageable way of life. By making this substance and showing aptitude, they’re ready to draw in the kind of individuals who are probably going to trust and ultimately purchase from them.

        “Share your involvement in the item with clients and consistently give the best and the most horrendously terrible feedback about it to models. Clients need to know why you liked it and what you didn’t because they have a specific anxiety toward purchasing the item that can vanish in the wake of perusing your experience, making them buy it quicker.”

        “Hugo Guerreiro, Founder of The Men Hero”

        One more motivation to make unique substances somewhere else is to target long-tail watchwords in different configurations. In the picture above, you can see a portion of those long-tail phrases on playlists, for example, “simple zero-waste other options” and “zero-waste shopping.”

        Remember that building a substance library is a drawn-out process. Like any member-showcasing system, time and devotion will prompt critical outcomes not too far off.

        Invest in SEO 

        Assuming that you believe individuals should come to your site through Google or some other web search tool, you’ll likewise have to do search engine optimization (SEO). Ensuring your site is optimized for web search tools helps make it more likely that you will come up in indexed lists.

        In any case, search engine optimization isn’t about catchphrase stuffing. So how would you ensure your site is enhanced for web indexing? You make pages or incorporate substance that assists them in understanding your site better.

        Product reviews 

        Counting item surveys fills a double need. They assist with social verification for possible clients as well as reinforce your website’s design enhancement. This is because they keep your substance new and state-of-the-art. You can likewise make purchases and present aides for items you suggest as a member.

        For this reason, I’m Destitute, for instance, composes gift guides as a feature of its substance system. The post beneath, “Modest Somewhat Late Smaller Presents Under $20,” assists perusers with sorting out reasonable gifts for their friends and family.

        Every item suggested, similar to Desire to Die Espresso and Penguin Waterbottles, is upheld by an Amazon offshoot interface. If a peruser needs to buy the suggested item, they can tap the connection and get it on Amazon.

        This is Why I'm Broke store


        Product comparisons

        Whether made as blog entries or dedicated pages, item examinations are likewise an incredible method for supporting website design enhancement since 81% of clients research before purchasing. Offering correlations with comparable items assists clients with their examination.

        An extraordinary illustration of item examination articles comes from TechRadar. The distribution covers the most recent innovation news and audits, distributing some best-of articles with connections to Amazon for purchase.

        TechRadar makes it clear to perusers that they’ll buy on Amazon by utilizing the source of inspiration button, “View at Amazon.” This sets assumptions and can further develop changes since perusers now trust purchasing on Amazon. 

        best camera affiliate products


        It tends to be not difficult to disregard website optimization for your landing page when the vast majority of the work goes toward the plan. Simple methods for streamlining your landing page include having your objective watchword in your landing page title, upgrading the page meta description, making it dynamic, adding SSL, and keeping the stacking speed quick.

        These are only a couple of regions you can take a gander at for website design enhancement; however, one more method for getting to the top of Google is to fabricate a blog. When you reliably post top-notch blog content, you fabricate validity about a particular subject, which can assist you with positioning higher for related watchwords.

        “As far as I can tell, the most effective way to drive natural traffic to your blog and produce an adequate measure of income is to consolidate top-notch content with website design enhancement. Assuming you put resources into Web optimization, they will acquire openness and drive associate deals normally.”

        “Nicholas Martin, founder of Pest Control Hacks”

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        Start a blog

        Building a blog is like the focus brought up in making content in different stages, with the exception that this content lives on your site’s blog. The primary motivation to post content on your blog is to assist with building your topic ability, assist with website design enhancement, and direct individuals to your items.

        Let’s take the Trash is for Tossers example from before, except look at its blog.

        trash is for tossers blog

        The Garbage is for Thrower’s blog has posts that discuss pretty much everything zero-squander. So assuming anybody is keen on that theme, they’ll find each of their inquiries addressed there.

        As an Amazon subsidiary, blog entries are where you’ll put the majority of your partner joins — make a post that includes your member item and connection!

        Earn more with Amazon today

        Entering the world of member promotion is simple and free with the assistance of the Amazon Partners program. Everything necessary is a site, application, or YouTube channel, joining Amazon, and making content that you can incorporate partner joins in.

        However, you can take it a step further by creating an Amazon Affiliates Affiliate System store and connecting it with the Amazon Associate Connector app—allowing you to display full Amazon product listings on your storefront but with your store branding.

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        The Amazon Affiliate Program can be a lucrative way to earn passive income. With the right strategies, you can grow your earnings and make the most of this opportunity in 2024.


        Are you ready to take the plunge? Visit AffiliateSystem to begin your application and join the legions of affiliates building their success stories.

        Please share your experiences and questions below, and let’s grow together in the vast and exciting affiliate marketing world!

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