How To Make Money With Shein Affiliate Program: A Step-By-Step Guide In 2024

Shein Affiliate Program


Are you a fashion lover who wants to earn money by sharing your style with others? If yes, then you might be interested in joining the Shein affiliate program.

Shein is one of the biggest online clothing retailers, offering trendy and affordable clothesshoesaccessories, and more for women, men, and kids.

Shein has over 2 million items in stock, with 500 new arrivals every day, so you can always find something that suits your taste and budget.

What is the Shein Affiliate Program?

The Shein Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn money by promoting Shein products on your website, blog, social media, or other platforms.

Shein is one of the biggest online clothing retailers, offering over 2 million items in stock with 500 new arrivals every day.

By joining the Shein Affiliate Program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. 10%~20% commission on each referred sale.
  2. Extra monthly cash bonus by sharing promotions.
  3. New monthly profitable activities, updating banners and coupons.
  4. Newsletters when new activities and promotions are updated.
  5. 30-day cookie duration.

You can choose between two options to join the SHEIN Affiliate Program: Shein Official Affiliate and Partner Affiliate Platforms.

The Shein Official Affiliate is free and easy to join, and you can sign up or log in here. Partner affiliate platforms are third-party sites that offer different preferential policies for affiliates.

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How to Become a Shein Affiliate

Shein is one of the biggest online clothing retailers, offering a wide range of fashionable and affordable clothes, shoes, accessories, and more.

If you are a fashion lover, a social media influencer, a blogger, or a website owner, you can join the Shein Affiliate Program and earn commissions by promoting Shein products to your audience.

Shein Affiliate

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a Shein affiliate and start making money online.

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Step 1: Choose an affiliate platform

Shein has two types of affiliate platforms: the Shein Official Affiliate and the Partner Affiliate Platforms. The Shein Official Affiliate is free and easy to join, and you can sign up directly on the Shein Affiliate Program website or the Shein EUR Affiliate Program website.

Partner affiliate platforms are third-party networks that have partnered with Shein, such as AwinShareASale, and CJ Affiliate. You can apply for the Shein Affiliate Program on these platforms and benefit from their unique preferential policies. You can find the list of partner platforms on the Shein Affiliate Program website.

Step 2: Register for an account

Once you have chosen an affiliate platform, you need to register for an account and provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, website URL (if applicable), and payment details. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the Shein Affiliate Program and follow their policies and guidelines.

Step 3: Get your affiliate links and banners

After your account is approved, you can access your affiliate dashboard and find your unique affiliate links and banners. You can use these links and banners to promote Shein products on your social media platforms, blog, website, or any other online channels. You can also customize your links and banners according to your preferences and niche.

Step 4: Promote SHEIN products to your audience

The next step is to start promoting Shein products to your audience and generating traffic and sales. You can use different strategies to attract and engage your followers, such as creating high-quality content, sharing honest reviews, offering tips and advice, hosting giveaways and contests, and more.

You can also leverage the resources and support that Shein provides, such as newsletters, coupons, promotions, new arrivals, and more.

Step 5: Track your performance and earnings

The last step is to track your performance and earnings on your affiliate dashboard. You can see how many clicks, orders, and commissions you have generated, as well as your conversion rate, average order value, and other metrics. You can also analyze your data and optimize your campaigns to improve your results and increase your income.

Shein Affiliate

How do I promote the SHEIN Affiliate Program?

Once you join the program, you can start promoting the SHEIN products on your platforms, such as:

  1. Blog: You can write reviews, guides, tips, or tutorials about the Shein products and include your referral links in your posts. You can also use the banners and coupons provided by the program to attract more clicks and conversions.
  2. Social media: You can share the Shein products on your social media accounts, such as InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube, or TikTok. You can use hashtags, stories, reels, or live videos to showcase the products and direct your followers to your referral links.
  3. Email: You can build an email list of your subscribers and send them newsletters, offers, or updates about Shein products. You can also segment your list based on their interests, preferences, or behaviors and send them personalized recommendations with your referral links.
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How do I earn money with the Shein Affiliate Program?

You can earn money with the Shein affiliate program by generating sales through your referral links. The commission rate varies depending on the program you join and the number of sales you make.

You can also earn an extra cash bonus by sharing promotions or participating in monthly activities.

You can track your performance and earnings on the Shein website or the partner affiliate platforms.

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Becoming a Shein affiliate is a great way to monetize your online presence and share your passion for fashion with your audience.

By following these five easy steps, you can join the Shein Affiliate Program and start earning commissions on every referred sale.


Are you ready to take the plunge? Visit the Shein affiliate program to begin your application and join the legions of affiliates building their success stories.

Please share your experiences and questions below, and let’s grow together in the vast and exciting affiliate marketing world!

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