The Best Affiliate Market Zanox/Awin In 2024

Affiliate Market Zanox


Since 1999, Zanox has been the market leader in the European and Dutch markets for performance advertising. Since service, quality, and transparency are important to Zanox, they are a trustworthy partner.

Zanox provides optimal support for your online marketing. They want to make the journey for customers enjoyable and efficient with their partners. The Zanox affiliate marketing program can help you succeed.

What is Zanox?

Zanox, which is now known as Awin, is an extensive and efficient affiliate network. It is a platform made to connect advertisers and publishers for mutual benefit and profit to support online business expansion. The global affiliate network of Zanox, which is now known as Awin, includes over 100,000 publishers and 6,000 advertisers. Zanox/Awin helps both big and small publishers use their websitesblogs, and other types of content to establish profitable partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands, such as AliExpress, Time Inc., and HP, by providing affiliate brand options in retail, finance, travel, and telecommunications. After joining Awin, affiliates can expect to earn commissions based on the brands and programs they sign up for.

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How to Join the Affiliate Program of Zanox/Awin

On its official website, Zanox/Awin, a specialized affiliate network, provides affiliates with a comprehensive guide. Affiliates should begin by choosing a niche or area and creating relevant content. After that, they can sign up for a publisher account on Zanox or Awin and complete their profile. This includes information about their website and contact information so that advertisers can decide if they are a good fit and then get in touch with them. After this is finished, publishers can start looking at the many affiliate programs that are available and sign up for the ones they think are best for their website or blog.

Affiliate Program of Zanox/Awin

 How does Zanox function?

Zanox acts as a link between publishers and advertisers. When advertisers sign up for the network and start running campaigns, they pay publishers a cut of any sales or conversions that come through their affiliate links. After that, publishers advertise these campaigns on their blogs, websites, and social media platforms, and they are compensated for any sales or conversions. Zanox keeps track of all transactions and commissions to make sure publishers and advertisers get their fair share.

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What Attracts Affiliate Marketers to Zanox?

Zanox is an excellent option for anyone interested in affiliate marketing for several reasons:

  1. With a wide range of products and services to promote, Zanox has a large and diverse network of advertisers. This indicates that no matter your niche or target audience, there is always something to encourage.
  2. Zanox has a platform that is easy to use and makes it simple to get started, manage campaigns, and track results.
  3. Zanox gives publishers and advertisers comprehensive support and resources to help them succeed and make the most of their money.

What the Zanox/Awin Affiliate Program Has to Offer

There are a lot of irresistible benefits that Zanox/Awin offers to its affiliates. These are some:

  1. a vast affiliate network – The network offers 6000 brands to join as a powerful platform powered by Zanox/Awin’s specialized technology. In 2016, the business, which has been in operation for 17 years, brought in €377 million for publishers and €6.2 billion for advertisers. With Zanox/Awin, which has made it its mission to serve publishers, affiliates are in good, safe hands.
  2. Devoted, simple-to-utilize instruments – To make the process of adding affiliate links to a website as simple as possible, marketers are given a variety of tools to use. Convert-a-Link, Create-a-Feed, and Link Builder are a few examples of these tools.
  3. Tools for monitoring performance – To monitor their earnings, performance, and traffic, affiliates can make use of a variety of tools. They can customize their performance over time, by commission group, the advertiser, product, and date range, brand, transaction/validation date, and commission group, respectively.
  4. An expert team of support – You have access to a publisher management team and a dedicated support team to help you improve as an affiliate marketer and get the most out of your campaigns.

What are the workings of the Zanox/awin affiliate network?

Deep links and banners are examples of advertising media provided by advertisers. Advertisements from advertisers are posted on the websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts of publishers or influencers. There will be a commission for you.

This is due, depending on the agreement, if the user

  1. clicks on the promotional content (cost per click)
  2. subscribes to a newsletter at a cost per lead
  3. completes a transaction (the cost per sale)

The amount of commissions paid is determined by the particular program.

Use as an affiliate or publisher

You can continue using your account even if you were previously registered with Zanox. Awin is accessed by new customers via the portal. They need their tax number and personal information to accomplish this.

You can see a list of all the programs that are currently available after logging in. English is the only language you can watch some international programs. Likewise, exceptional projects can be found through an inquiry veil.

The minimum participation requirements and criteria for each program are explained in detail. Additionally, the publisher is informed of the permitted advertising strategies. You can apply for the program with just one click if your options fit the program. Within a few days or immediately, the activation takes place.
The associate can get measurements through the entryway and track every exchange exhaustively.

Awin Affiliate Program

Tools for influencers and publishers

  1. Convert-A-Link – All links on the publisher’s website are automatically transformed into tracking links by this tool. One-click on the account will enable Convert-A-Link. The publisher must then incorporate JavaScript into their website’s source code.
  2. MyAwin – You can quickly and easily add affiliate links to your website with this Chrome extension. Custom URLs, shortened tracking links, and links to specific product pages are all made possible by this. MyAwin also features exclusive vouchers and deals for final customers. After being downloaded, the extension adds a button to the toolbar of Google Chrome.
  3. Opportunity Marketplace – You can quickly and easily add affiliate links to your website with this Chrome extension. Custom URLs, shortened tracking links, and links to specific product pages are all made possible by this. MyAwin also features exclusive vouchers and deals for final customers. After being downloaded, the extension adds a button to the toolbar of Google Chrome.
  4. Create-A-Feed – Publishers can filter and export product data feeds with this tool. This provides them with an overview and permits them to update their website’s products.
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Use as a marketing tool

Zanox advertisers can keep using their accounts. Awin allows new users to sign up and provide information about their affiliate programs. You can see data about running programs in real-time in the dashboard. A to-do list makes it easy to see which actions need to be taken next.
The advertiser can use the account to store documents for publishers, like terms and conditions, and send personalized emails to publishers.
The advertiser can invite affiliates who are not yet partners to one of the programs by searching the publisher directory.
The advertiser can confirm and manage transactions in commission management.

Advertising tools

  1. Cross-Device Tracking – Cross-device tracking is made possible by Awin’s affiliate tracking, which was developed by the company’s teams.
  2. Coupon attribution – Advertisers can provide publishers with exclusive coupon codes by using this tool. Even without the use of an affiliate cookie, this indicates that the publisher receives a commission for any purchases made with this voucher. Since social media influencers can’t set affiliate links on some platforms, this is especially helpful.
  3. Promo Tools – Just two sorrows and a…
  4. News Manager – Advertisers can quickly submit new offers to publishers via HTML layout with the help of the “News Manager.”
    Publishers have immediate access to promotions and landing pages that can be added to the My Actions feed.

Zanox review

Zanox is a well-known affiliate marketing platform that connects affiliates and advertisers. It gives you a lot of advantages, like a platform that is easy to use, a large network of partners, and different tools to track performance. Through affiliate marketing, Zanox gives businesses a safe and effective way to boost their online visibility and sales. Companies looking to broaden their marketing reach should look no further than Zanox.

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Zanox is a global leader in affiliate marketing that offers publishers and advertisers alike an efficient platform. Zanox is a great option for anyone looking to make money online through affiliate marketing, whether you’re an experienced marketer or just starting. Zanox supports you in reaching your full affiliate marketing potential by providing a wide range of campaigns, a user-friendly platform, and extensive resources.


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Share your experiences and questions below, and let’s grow together in the vast and exciting world of affiliate marketing!

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